This year at the Kansas City Zoo’s annual Jazzoo fundraiser, Carmen’s Bites food truck came out to help the Zoo raise money for their children’s educational programs and provide financial assistance in the care and feeding of more than1,000 animals that call the Kansas City Zoo home. This year’s theme was “Under the Canopy” as the zoo celebrated their Orangutans and worked to raise money for their new habitat. Every year, thousands of people come out decked in what Jazzoo likes to call “creative black tie” (anything from leopard print dresses to men in suits and converse were spotted at the Carmen’s food truck!) to support this great cause. We were excited to be a part of this wild party!

At the entrance, guests were greeted with trays to hold their food and drink, which were printed with maps of the Jazzoo layout. Carmen’s was set up and ready to provide some of our favorite dishes for patrons to sample, including our famous chicken spedini! Along with great food, there were live bands and DJ’s playing throughout the area. During the event, we had our own speakers set up, and people were coming by and dancing, especially towards the end of the evening.We did serve all our food, but managed to stay open pretty late, almost until the end of the night. Seeing the people dancing and having a great time was one of the best parts of the evening, everyone was having a great time and supporting a great cause.

Last year, the Kansas City Zoo raised a NET total of $878,667 to support the ongoing costs of providing for the animals and children’s education. In the past decade,Jazzoo has raised over 8 million dollars! Every year Jazzoo gets bigger and raises more money to help this amazing cause. Carmen’s was proud to have been apart of such a fun and memorable event, and to do our part in helping make Jazzoo the award-winning event it is. We hope to be involved next year as well,and encourage everyone to make it out. We had a blast and know everyone else enjoyed themselves as well!

Check out our Facebook album for pictures from the event!