We are making Brookside global, or at least a little more urban. We want to bring the appetizers and pastas you love so much to where you love to be, outdoors! It’s that time of year again, and why hog all the #CarmensBites inside Carmens in Brookside.

food truck launch

So pull up a chair and pop open a Coke, because we are street-side with your favorites. Stuffed artichokes, chicken speidini and bacon wrapped shrimp are all accounted for.




Get festive dining delivered to you. Select from the Carmen’s Bites menu, or we can come up with a little artichoke-spin off for a different flavor.



Book the Food Truck

Now, that your getting hungry, go ahead, book the food truck here— email, and we will bring #CarmensBites to you. We’re all about community events, summer block parties, and any festivities private or public beyond Brookside.

For any more info on the truck, check out the #CarmensBites website.