This week, we sat down with Juan, one of the owners and creators of Carmen’s Cafe, to talk about his favorite dish on the menu, and to figure out why this, of all their delicious choices, was his favorite.

What is your favorite dish at Carmen’s Cafe?

The Steak Modiga is extremely delicious, it’s always been a favorite of mine when it comes time to eat.

Could you describe the dish in detail?

The dish consists of two filet beef medallions, lightly breaded and charbroiled, then topped with rich provel cheese and fresh mushrooms served in a light but flavorful white wine lemon butter sauce.

Why is this dish your favorite?

The filets are always so tender that you can cut them with a fork, and the taste is rich without being too much. The flavors of the dish compliment each other so well that it is impossible not to enjoy each bite. It’s more than just a dish, it is an experience to eat.

What flavors and ingredients make this dish special?

We use our specially seasoned bread crumbs, which bring an extra unique flavor to this dish. Combined with the creamy provel cheese, the kick of the white wine, the acidity of the lemon, and the butter, the flavors are very memorable. Adding the fresh mushrooms gives this dish an extra flavor and texture that ties it all together so well.

When was the first time you ate the dish?

First time was 22 years ago, I still remember it now. It is an unforgettable meal.

What wine would go the best with the Steak Modiga?

A nice glass of Smith & Hook Cabernet would go perfectly with the flavors and textures the Steak Modiga has to offer.

After hearing him describe the tender steak and delicious toppings, we were ready to dig in ourselves! This is definitely a meal everyone should try at least once in their life, and Juan is sure that once will never be enough!